My browser brings up a blank page that says "Done" in the bottom left corner.
Reinstall Macromedia Flash Player 9 again. Choose all the browsers that are on your computer.
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My Famster Website is slow
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Characters are not placed in front of other characters as I intended.
The last character clicked on will be placed in front of all the other characters positioned near it.  The best way to adjust the placement of characters is by editing the tallest or eldest characters first, and editing the smaller or younger characters in the front last.
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I have one of the fastest Macintosh computers available, so why is the Famster Website slow?
Macromedia Flash Player runs very slow on Macintosh computers, regardless of the processor speed or the amount of memory.  To speed things up on your Macintosh, use another browser other than Mozilla.  Also increase the amount of cache for the Flash Player, by right-clicking on any Flash-animated section of the page, and then choosing "Settings".  Move the slider to the right until the window reports 10 MB.
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Is there a faster way to upload files to the Photo Manager or the File Cabinet?
When you are at the Upload Window, where it asks you what files you would like to upload but before you are asked to specify where each file is, you may drag-and-drop files to the top-left window. So if you already have your folder open that contains all of your image files, you may select all the ones you want to upload, click and hold down the mouse button, then drag the contents to the upper-left section of the Upload Window, then release the mouse button.
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