Uploading and Sharing Files

With Famster you can upload any non-image file from your computer into your site's file cabinet, where visitors can download and view the files.

When you first visit the File Cabinet, you will see that it contains Famster default files.  You can learn how to delete these files in our Advanced User Guide.  Follow the simple steps below to add your own files.

Uploading a File
  1. Click "Upload from Computer".
  2. Find the file you wish to upload and then click on the file.  If you have multiple files in the same folder that you want to select, hold down the CTRL key and click on the rest of the files.  When you are done selecting files, click Open
  3. The file(s) will begin to upload.  Depending on the size of the file(s), this may take anywhere from 5 seconds to several minutes.
  4. When the upload is complete, the files will appear in the list of the current folder's contents.

Once the files are uploaded, you can sort, rename, and/or delete them using the available buttons and menus.

Visit our Advanced User Guide for Further Help With the File Cabinet!