Creating and Maintaining Contacts

With Famster, you can store and display important information about your friends and family using the Address Book.  You can maintain a wide variety of information, and even display a map of each person's address.

How Do I Get to the Address Book?
  1. Log in to your Famster's Admin
  2. Click on the Member or Menu tab
  3. Click the button for the Address Book.

  4. The Address Book's content will then load.

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Create a Contact
  1. Click Add Contact

  2. Enter a First Name and a Last Name.  If you plan on integrating your Famster address book with the addresses stored in your Famstermail Account, enter the contact's Email

  3. Click Edit

  4. Fill out any desired fields

  5. Click Save Changes

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Edit a Contact
  1. Click the desired contact to highlight it, then click Edit

  2. Make any desired changes, then click Save Changes

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Upload an Image for a Contact
  1. Choose the contact you would like to add an image for, and click Edit

  2. Click Edit Picture

  3. There are three locations an image can be added from:
    • If the image is on your computer, click the first Browse button to find and upload the image

    • If the image is from another website, type the full URL of the image, and click Add

    • If you have already uploaded the desired image to another Famster component, click the final Browse button to find the image

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Add an Address
  1. Choose the contact you would like to add the Address for, and click Edit

  2. Click Add Address

  3. Fill out each desired field, then click Ok

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Editing/Deleting an Existing Entry
  1. Click on the contact to select it
  2. Click Delete

  3. Click Ok

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Synchronize Your Address Book with Your Famster E-mail Account
  1. Create an E-mail Box.
  2. Return to the address book.
  3. Click
  4. Choose the e-mail account you would like to synchronize with, then click Ok.

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