Creating a Calendar of Events

With Famster, all of your family's upcoming events can be kept within easy reach on our Calendar Manager.  You can schedule birthdays, anniversaries, or just important day-to-day things such as meetings and appointments.

You can view a day's events in greater detail by double-clicking the date.  If so desired, you can then add new events to the day.

Adding a New Event
  1. Double-click the desired day to bring up that day's Event Details window.
  2. Click Add Event.
  3. Fill out the Event Name and Details, and choose an Event Category.
  4. If you don't want this event to be used on each of your Famster's calendars, set Shared Event to No
  5. If this event does not last one entire day, set All Day Event to No
  6. Choose the Start Date.  If applicable, choose an End Date and Start/End Time.
  7. If the event will be happening multiple, check Recurring.  You will be given the option to set how often the event occurs.
  8. If you would like to send out reminders before the event occurs, set Email Reminders to Yes, then enter the email addresses you would like to receive updates and the time the reminder is sent
  9. Click Save.

Once your events have been added, your visitors will be able to view them on your Famster site.

Visit our Advanced User Guide for Further Help With the Calendar!