Creating Your Photo Albums

With Famster, you can host up to 5,000 images viewable to the public.  The Photo Manager lets you upload and divide your images into any number of photo albums.

When you first visit the Photo Manager, you will see Famster default photos.  You can learn how to delete these photos in our Advanced User Guide.  Follow the simple steps below to add your own albums and photos.

Creating a New Album
  1. Click
  2. A window will appear, asking you to type in the name of your new album.
  3. Type in the name for your album.
  4. If you would like the new album to be available only to Members, check Private Album
  5. If you would like to set a password for the new album, click .  Type in your new password.
  6. Click Save
Uploading Images
  1. Click the Photo Album you would like your images in, then click Upload Images.
  2. There are three locations an image can be added from:
    • If the image is on your computer, click the first Browse button to find and upload the image
    • If the image is from another website, type the full URL of the image, and click Add
    • If you have already uploaded the desired image to another Famster component, click the final Browse button to find the image

After you've setup your images, your visitors will be able to view them in the Photo Album section of your Famster site. While in the Photo Manager, you can double-click the lock icon next to the album name to set that album to be Members-only.

Sometimes your visitors, whether friends or family, will want to upload images for you and all to see.  They can do this using the visitor Upload Photo tool.  Once they have uploaded the images, they will be added to the Friend & Family Photos folder under your File Cabinet.  The images will need to be made public in order to be seen by non-member visitors.

Visit our Advanced User Guide for Further Help With the Photo Manager!