Famster Basics

Logging In to Your Famster

To login and start working with your Famster, go to the Famster Home Page:

  1. Click Login.

  2. Enter your Website Name and Password, and set Login Type to Administrator, then click the green arrow.

  3. You are now logged into your Famster!

You can also login through your own Famster Website:

  1. Click Login at the top of the page.

  2. Enter your Password, then click the green arrow.

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Using Your Famster

Now that you're logged in, you're ready to experience the fun that Famster can provide.

Top Navigation

The top navigation tabs give access to the various sections of your site. Here are the tabs that may appear:

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Designate Sections as "Public" or "Members"

You can designate non-Admin sections of the site to be either "Public" or "Members" using the Component Manager, located in the Security Center.  This will determine where you go on your Famster to edit certain areas, and where your visitors go to see them.

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Get Started!

Each Famster has several different options to customize it just for your use and presentation.

Theme Park - Change the background and color of your Famster
Character Studio - Create animated versions of your family members
Photo Album - Upload photos to show to visitors
Blog - Create an online web journal
File Cabinet - Upload files to show to visitors
Guest Book - Let your visitors leave comments about your Famster
Scrapbook - Create an online scrapbook
Calendar - Create a calendar of events
Family Tree - Show visitors the members and relationships in your family
RSS News Feed - Keep visitors up to date on current events
Links - Provide links to your favorite websites
Recipes - Show visitors your favorite recipes
Streaming Video Manager - Upload and share videos
Address Book - Keep contact info for your friends and family
E-Mail - Setup free Famstermail accounts
Registered Sex Offenders - Protect your family from registered sex offenders
Invite Members - Invite your friends and family to join your Famster
Mobile Settings - Update your Famster with your mobile phone
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